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What separates you, your work, and your portfolio from the best tattooers in the world?

What separates you from Filip Leu, Guy Aitchison, or Paul Booth?

Is it talent? Do they have more talent than you?

Is it experience? Do they have more technical ability to put ink in skin?

Is it because they have recognizable styles?

What is it?

I would argue that it's none of those things (none of the above that separates you from the best tattooers in the world).

Maybe drawing comes to them a little bit easier on the front end. Maybe it’s their technical ability, to some extent, or the length of time they have been tattooing.

But there is a far more important issue at hand – an underlying subject that comes into play before we consider any of these things.

This is an underlying subject that a lot of us glaze over because it seems so simple. And like so many things worth exploring, the simple things are sometimes the most difficult.

Just because something is simple does not make it easy.

What we’re talking about here is a focus on principles instead of methods.

Methods are any individual artist’s way of making marks – the things they do that make their drawings unique to them. And there are as many methods as there are artists, probably more. It’s very difficult to try to learn based only on applying other people’s methods.

It’s much more efficient and much more effective to focus on principles. These priciples are all covered in much greater detail in Module 1 of our FOUNDATIONS COURSE

So what are the principles?There are 4 categories!


When starting with any design, we want to think about the shapes - the basic shapes that make up that design.


Using a single light source to keep things simple, we are able to depict how light would reveal those forms.


For our purposes, there are only 3 types of edges: Hard edges, Soft edges, and Lost edges


Luckily, with color, we can go in any direction as long as these first 3 steps have been followed properly. We can create interest in color by varying intensity, using compliments, etc.

These Principles had an immediate impact on my life (and income)

As I began to understand and implement these Principles, a funny thing started to happen. My tattoos started to gain much more attention.

My clients became more open to my opinion which allowed me more creative control in my designs. As a result, my tattoos continued to improve and, in a short period of time, I was able to more than double my minimum charge.

Between 2013 and 2015, I was able to increase my minimum charge
from $125 to $500
(A 400% Increase!)

It sounds like a big jump, I know, but it happened seamlessly and with no additional marketing or work on my part. People just started to notice my work and began to seek me out.

Today I work in a private studio with no website, no front desk, no signage. Instagram is my only form of a portfolio, and I am still booked for months on end. I can work exclusively on large scale projects and have now moved to a flat day rate.

This Experience is what led my team and me to create Fireside Foundations.

So What is Foundations?

Foundations it a Tattoo Specific Drawing Course that uses simple exercises to help you identify and correct your biggest drawing weaknesses (We all have them).

Using short video tutorials and assignments, we break down the principles of Shape, Value, Edge and Color into lessons that you can quickly apply to your own tattooing.

Here’s How it Works

Core Modules
Module 1 Videos introduce 3 basic shapes that we will use throughout the course
Using professional photo reference, we illustrate how these shapes respond to a single light source using the principles of value and edge.

Module 2 Videos begin to combine these shapes into recognizable tattoo related imagery while still keeping the basic shapes as the primary focus. These exercises help you to recognize and simplify complex objects to make for more accurate drawings

Module 3 Videos use more complex photo reference, challenging you to visually break the images down into simple shapes and reassemble them into fully rendered drawings

Module 4 takes the lessons from earlier modules and applies them directly to tattoo design. This module introduces the most important shape of all for tattooers…The human body

Bonus Modules
Practical Application Videos
As the course progresses, we reinforce these principles through entertaining “Practical Application” videos. These videos alone are worth the price of admission.

In our Practical Application Series, I digitally “rework” existing tattoos using the 4 Principles while you watch over my shoulder. This allows you to see my process and will help you learn how you can translate your newfound knowledge into much stronger drawing/tattooing.

When you subscribe, you will receive instant access to the first video and assignment in Module 1. A new module and assignment will be released every other day throughout the duration of the course. This “drip” release allows you time to digest each video and complete the assignment without feeling overwhelmed.

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