Welcome to Module 4


  • You may choose to rework the design for an existing tattoo/drawing or create a new design
  • We have included the arm template used in the Module 4 video. You are welcome to use it if you like [Template 1] [Template 2]
  • Using at least 2 objects, design a tattoo that works with the area of the body that you have chosen to design it to
  • Start with simple shapes and roughly block in the design. We recommend using some type of photo or life reference to draw from
  • During this block in phase, be sure that you are clear in the hierarchy of your design. Use contrasting shapes and varying sizes to establish the “star” of your composition
  • Once you are happy with the basic layout, establish a single light source and lightly block in your shadow shapes
  • Still thinking in terms of shapes and value, start to break the large shapes into smaller shapes. Be patient. Give your eyes time to recognize small variations in shape and value
  • As you break down shapes, begin to establish a full value range. Identify the darkest area in the composition and make it as dark as you can
  • Try to focus on keeping the total number of values to 4 or 5. Simplify where you can
  • When you have finished and are happy with the drawing, post it to your social media outlets as well as our Inside Fireside Members facebook group with thehashtag #insidefireside. We will be reposting selected work

Key Points:

  • It is a good idea to do a series of small thumbnail drawings to get a quick idea of which composition you prefer. We have included a thumbnail template for you to use. Just think in simple shapes and use only black and white. Try to balance the design and establish the hierarchy of shapes in each thumbnail. Don’t spend too much time on any one thumbnail. Be quick and gestural.
  • When working on your final drawing, pay attention to the ways that one shape falls into the next. Is there a hard, sharp separation , a gradual separation or can you even notice the separation at all?
  • Keep in mind the light and shadow shapes we covered in the first module. When making transitions, remind yourself of the light, halftone, form shadow, reflected light and cast shadow shapes
  • Have fun! It’s only picture drawing after all

Download these instructions HERE
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