• Using the drawing materials of your choice, establish a single light source and
    fully render a sphere, cube and cylinder in black and grey
  • Focus on getting a full value range. Choose your darkest area of shadow and
    render it as dark as your drawing tool will allow. Keep your highlight as light as
    your drawing surface will allow
  • Limit your values to a total of 5
  • Draw these shapes as many times as necessary to develop an understanding of
    how the light and shadow shapes relate. (you may want to change the direction
    of the light source to keep yourself entertained)

Key Points:

  • Your families of light should be clearly separated from your families of shadow
  • Be sure that your darkest areas of light (halftone) are lighter than your lightest
    areas of dark. (Reflected light)
  • Your cast shadow may be lighter or darker than your form shadow but typically
    will have a sharper edge
  • The goal is simplicity! We have attached a few photos you may use as reference

Download these instructions HERE

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