• If drawing from photo reference, you may choose a skull from the included reference photos. Be sure to choose an angle that is different from the example provided in the video
  • If drawing from life, set up the skull with a single light source and a simple background. Be sure there is no competing light from other areas of the room interfering with the setup
  • Starting with the largest shapes you can identify, lightly block in the skull paying attention to relationship of shapes
  • Once you are happy with the layout, block in all of your shadow shapes in a medium tone
  • Always taking time to squint and measure, start to break down the large shapes into smaller shapes. The goal is to make the fewest possible marks to describe the form
  • Just like previous assignments, try to use a full value range and limit the total number of values to 5
  • Keep in mind how the simple shapes behave in light and shadow. Remember your light, halftone, form shadows and reflected light. These may not always be immediately noticeable when drawing from life

Key Points:

  • Forget that you are drawing a skull. You are simply arranging shapes on a page.Think of how each shape relates to the next. Is this one lighter or darker than the next?
  • Always think from general to specific. Start with big shapes and slowly break them down. Don’t get frustrated. Take breaks if need be
  • The principles that you are learning to apply are very simple in theory but not easy in practice. It will take time to train your eye to recognize shape and value first
  • Resist the urge to dive into detail
  • Have fun! It’s only drawing!

Photo References:
Level 3 photos
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