Week 5 Assignment


  • Ensure that the composition is set up in a way that you can create a foreground, middleground and background
  • Using vine, compressed and charcoal pencil, draw the subject from life in full value
  • Begin with the end in mind. What is the star of the composition? How can you arrange the composition to establish your hierarchy?
  • Focus on hard, soft, and lost edges. Use hard edges only to focus the eye on the most important areas of the composition
  • Use soft edges in the midground areas and lost edges in the background
  • When the drawing is nearing completion, ask yourself where the 3 to 5 sharpest areas are. Render those edges as crisply as possible
  • Don’t forget to vary line weight to emphasize areas
  • Turn the drawing in with the subject “week 5”
  • Download these instructions HERE

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