Week 6 Assignment

This week brings some significant changes to our program. First, you can put down the vine
charcoal if you would like, and work in the medium of your choice. Second, we will begin to
take some artistic liberties with our drawings. While the first half of the course was focused on
identifying shapes and values and representing them realistically, the next few weeks will be
focused on pushing the boundaries of our drawings while still implementing the principles of
shape, value and edge. This will allow us to get creative while still working within a solid
drawing foundation.


  • Print attached file or design your own arm illustration
  • Set up the skull using a single light source as you have in the previous assignments. It will serve as good reference regardless of what direction you take the drawing.
  • Using the attached arm template (you may also create your own) determine the composition you will use. It is a good idea to print several copies of the template to use as thumbnail drawings.
  • Think only in terms of shapes and values and take your time in the planning. If the drawing is not appealing in the abstract phase, the final drawing will not be as successful as it could be.
  • Render the drawing to completion focusing on a balance of light and dark shapes, a variety of edges and a full value range.
  • Email to with subject “Week 6”

Feel free to explore with this one. If there are elements you would like to incorporate, this is a
good opportunity to take some chances. We will work together to find interesting solutions to
these drawings going forward.

Download these instructions HERE

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