Week 8 Assignment


  • Decide on the subject matter you plan to use for this assignment. There are no
    requirements other than it should be something you would like to tattoo.
  • Print the Thumbnail Template included HERE
  • Find a quiet place with no distractions
  • Set a timer on your phone to 5 minutes
  • On one of the templates, begin to block in light and dark shapes that will represent the
    imagery you plan to use. (You may start with lines if it feels more natural but keep them
  • When the timer sounds, stop and move to the next template using the same process and
    being sure to change the layout of shapes.
  • Repeat this process until all 6 templates have been laid out.
  • Determine the 3 strongest compositions.
  • Reset the timer and spend another 5 minutes on each of the 3 thumbnails
  • Determine the composition you would like to move forward with.
  • Spend a final 5 minutes refining this thumbnail being sure not to get too far into details.
    Focus on making the simple shapes read well. Be sure that your light source is easily
    distinguishable in this stage. If your light is not easy to find now, it will be much more
    difficult as we move forward into next week’s assignment.

Photograph each stage of this assignment and turn them in next week. In your email, let
us know why you chose the final composition. You will have a tendency to find a favorite
composition very early in this process. Fight that urge and give equal attention to each
thumbnail in the early stages. You will be surprised to find that the drawings you think
are the weakest will turn out to be the strongest by the end of the exercise.


Download these instructions HERE

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