Fireside Challenge
In this module, Jake identified the main issues with the Fish tattoo as a lack of
contrast/limited value range and inconsistency in light source. He chose to leave the
main shapes and color palette alone. Do you see any issues that he missed? Is there a
better way to approach this piece?
Don’t forget, the main shapes and values are the backbone of the design. If you aren’t
happy with the drawing when these elements are first established, you won’t be able to
save it with edges and/or color.

Rework/redraw the image however you like. Jake chose to rework the tattoo digitally.
However, you may choose to use traditional pencil and paper, paint or any other
medium of your choice. Just be sure to keep the principles in mind throughout the
After you have completed the challenge, remember to share it on our Inside Fireside Private Facebook group and ask for feedback. Critique is one of the most valuable tools
we have available as artists and best of all, it’s free.

We are excited to see what you do with this Challenge!
Download the tattoo image HERE