Thanks for checking out the Tattoo Improvement Network! We are home to the Fireside Podcast, Fireside Technique, Fireside Blog and the Inside Fireside Program.

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  • Fireside Podcast
    this weekly podcast features veteran tattooers Jake Meeks and David Evans discussing, arguing and waxing philosophical about the latest tattoo related topics, from tips for all levels of artists to trends in the tattoo world to answering viewers questions. Many of today’s top tattooers and fine artists have sat down for interviews and in-depth conversations and many more are planned…check back often!
  • Fireside Technique
    our bi-monthly video series offers short, detailed how-to videos geared towards helping artists improve their work. We often take some of our more technical topics from our Fireside Podcast and film an in-depth, narrated, time-lapsed video showing exactly how Jake or our featured artists handle certain issues. Please email us any future topics you would like to see!
  • Fireside Blog
    former tattoo artist and full-time tattoo enthusiast, Art Hullender writes this bi-monthly blog where he discusses all things tattoo related in poignant, entertaining posts! Art welcomes comments of all kinds so give your opinion at the bottom of each blog and let him know what you think.
  • Inside Fireside
    the Inside Fireside program was created by Jake Meeks and Adam Shaw to help artists grow through guided lessons, group and personal critiques and one-on-one interactions. The group is currently in session so no new members are being accepted, check the website regularly for when the next session opens up and grab a spot…they fill up quick!
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